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I give in to the Twilight fad…

I blame my sister.  We had a mini-sister day planned, so while I was waiting for her to come home, I picked up the book and started reading.  While the writing isn’t exactly Nobel Prize-worthy, I found the book to me strangely addicting.

The cutest baby costumes – KAM party

Through the magic of Facebook and its links to tagged photos of friends, I came across pictures from a group called Korean-American Mommies (KAM) and a Halloween party they held last week, complete with a collection of photobooth pictures that will make anyone’s heart melt.  Seriously, kids costumes have come a long way since my childhood in the 80’s, where we wore plastic devil masks with matching plastic (and probably flammable) outfits, or repurposed old clothes and rags tied to sticks to dress up as hobos. 

Check out Youkeun’s blog for highlights, and his Facebook gallery for the entire set of pics.  My favorites included a baby Hershey kiss, a Super Mario Brothers family, and an unhappy little flower.  What were yours?