Monthly Archives: May 2010

Baby gear basics

We just found out that a baby boy is on the way and now we can start doing the fun stuff – shopping!

Actually, it’s a bit overwhelming.  I didn’t realize how much stuff a little infant needs, especially after reading blogs and baby books.  Plus, there are so many choices out there for car seats, strollers, cribs, clothes, bottles, diapers…my head’s spinning already. 

I came across this article today narrowing down baby items to the five essentials that a parent only needs.  According to the author, parents really only NEED the following:
-car seat
-bouncy seat (more of a maybe)
-baby bottles

Of course, obvious items like diapers and baby clothes weren’t included.  Unfortunately, the first three items are probably the ones that’ll cost the most amount of money, especially if you go for top-of-the-line items.  And realistically speaking, who can’t resist buying teeny little baby clothes and cute baby room decor, no matter how impractical or expensive they may be?  I should’ve stopped spending money a year ago to save for our expensive little one.

baby room inspiration

I discussed my obsession with purple and grey several months ago, and recently stumbled across this really delightful baby’s room on ohdeedoh.  It has a nice, tranquil ambiance about it.  I’ve been looking for ideas on how to repurpose our guest bedroom into a nursery and this example is definitely going to be one of the inspiration rooms.

Love that mural on the wall!