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Modcloth sale!

Modcloth is in the midst of a huge sale right now.  Tons of cute clothing, accessories, and home stuff at great prices.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about the quality of their clothes, but decided to give them a try starting with the sale items (I’ve persued their site a lot but never purchased anything until yesterday).  I was in a very indecisive state of mind, so justified buying 4 dresses by saying it is in the name of research so I can share my findings with other potential customers!  lol!

I will follow up with a review of my purchases, but check out their merchandise (sale and regular price) before hot items sell out!

Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on Modcloth merchandise that you’d like to share?  Please let me know – I’d really appreciate your comments!

Decoration-less for Xmas

I love the holidays, but this year it seems to be passing by in a big blur.  With the little one and now the anticipation of returing to work, I’ve barely had time to acknowledge the fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away.

Cluttered rooms make me feel claustrophobic, and I’ve always liked minimal, simple decorations for the holidays.  With our small living room already filled with furniture and miscellaneous baby items, getting a tree is out of the question.  However, I still want the house to feel a little festive and this picture from Ohdeedoh would be great for our space.  Unfortunately, we have a big flatscreen TV above our mantle, but the stockings, twinkle lights, and knicknacks might work. 

I love the chalk-drawn fire in the fireplace!  So cute…

Small bedroom? No problem with vinyl stick-on headboards!

A few weeks ago, my sister (who lives at home) told me she ordered a stick-on headboard for her queen-sized bed.  It sounded kind of cheesy to me, to be honest.  The only vinyl appliques I could think of were those of the child-like variety, such as princess castles, trees with cute little birds, etc…something you’d find in a nursery or kid’s room. 

On my next visit home, I took a peek at her room and upon first glance, thought she bought a new (real) headboard.  It looked pretty good!  And for a recent college grad still living on a budget, 30 bucks to spruce up an otherwise boring bed is a pretty good deal.

Of course, she scored on Etsy…here’s a picture of the “headboard” from seller artwallproject’s site:

I wish I knew about this before buying bedroom furniture for our guest bedroom…that room’s relatively small and a sticker headboard could’ve created the illusion of a real one without sacrificing space. 
I’ll have to take a picture of my sister’s room and post it up to show the results!

Take a peek at my house – living room

Although we moved into our new place about 5 months ago, we waited a while to have a housewarming because of some pretty major renovation work after we bought our place.  Some work we did include opening walls, replacing all windows with energy efficient ones, expanding master bedroom closet, completely gutting and redoing a bathroom, adding a sliding door in the kitchen, painting the entire interior and exterior of the house.  We’ll hopefully be done once our new driveway and walkway are complete (which should be this weekend).  I wish I took some before and afer pics to document the transformation that took place.

Here are some pictures of our living room.  We added plantation shutters, mounted a flastscreen above the fireplace, and installed some nice mirrors above a buffet table.  We scored huge deals on our furniture through buying stuff at the Z Gallerie Outlet and at Crate & Barrel’s floor sample sale.  Woo hoo!

Here’s our buffet (Z Gallerie Outlet ) and 2 mirrors (Crate & Barrel floor sample sale).  I think the vase &  flowers were the only item we paid full price for.
This was my wedding rehearsal bouquet, with ribbon flowers made from instructions found at Martha Stewart Weddings. 
Couple of pics of the flatscreen tv (craigslist), white couch (Z Gallerie Outlet), bamboo & vase (vase had a crack so we got it for 40% off!).  Though you can’t see this too well, the moss green floor rug from Crate & Barrel was also from their floor sample sale.
I’m having trouble figuring out how to decorate the bedrooms.  That’s my next home project!

If only Anthropologie had baby stuff…

Because Anthropologie is, hands down, my favorite store in the world.

And what at Anthropologie is my favorite part of the store? The sale section!

Now if I won the lotto, I’d probably buy out the entire LA store, but until my winning numbers pop up, I don’t think I can afford to blow my entire paycheck every month there, no matter how tempted I am to do so. Their sales are actually pretty good, and if you’re like me and lurk around this section on a weekly basis, there’s a good chance you’ll find some great items for 20-50% off.

Too bad Antro doesn’t sell baby/kids clothes or products, because I would so be there.  Their current home decor stuff though, would actually be really cute in a baby room.  In fact, all their store decor would be cute in a baby room.  I hope they don’t mind if I borrow some of their ideas in my own home…

My job entails a lot of travel, so I’m currently in SF, fortunately within walking distance of the store near Union Square. I was pleasantly surprised to find a VERY robust selection of discounted items. Since I was on a time crunch (unfortunately having to work duing a prime shopping Sunday afternoon), I was only able peruse the racks for a few minutes.  But rest assured, I will be back soon.

Pretty pillowcases – Peacock Alley

One Kings Lane is an online sales site, simliar to Gilt and Haute Look, but specfically focused on home goods.  They have some pretty awesome sales – I’ve seen great finds from Vera Wang and Kate Spade (which sell out quick), but they also have other well-known and established brands in the design world.  Most of these items would be out of my reach financially, but through online sample sales, I’m able to find items that fit my budget…hooray!

Take for example, these beautiful pillows from Peacock Alley:

all images courtesy of One Kings Lane
They’d actually be quite lovely in a baby room on a rocking chair or small sofa, as an alternative to a regular bed. 
If you’d like to become a member of One Kings Lane, let me know and I’ll be happy to forward an invitation email to you!