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Great online resources for pregnancy & parenthood

The internet has been both a blessing and a curse for someone like me who loves to research anything to death.  The plethora of information online makes it easy to pop in a search term on Google for a billion different results instantly.  On the flipside, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with information from too many sources with differing theories and opinions, adding to stress level and anxiety when you’re sleep deprived, hormonal, and worried about why your 2 week old is suddenly refusing to nap.

Given the countless resources out there, I found myself regularly coming back to several websites consistently throughout my pregnancy and afterwards, and I thought I’d share my list in case it may help others sort through the ton of information on the web:

Babycenter – I loved their week-by-week pregnancy updates and also enjoyed reading posts in the Community section, especially from those in my birth month (although some were too snarky and judgy for my taste).  Overall, it’s a great reference point for a variety of information on pregnancy and parenting as your baby grows.

WebMD – Yes, I know this doesn’t replace seeing your pediatrician or other doctors but it’s still a good resource when you want some basic medical information on your child, whether it be a developmental question or suspected illness.  Many times I wasn’t sure if one of the kids was sick or just having an off day, so would do a quick search on WebMD to learn more about their symptoms and sound somewhat educated before calling the doctor.

Kellymom – Breastfeeding seems instinctual in theory but in reality takes a lot of practice and patience before getting the hang of it.  While many moms had no problems with it, I was one of those that dealt with a host of problems including EXTREMELY sore nipples, alternating engorgement and low supply issues, and plugged ducts.  It’s a wonderful website that provides answers to lots of breastfeeding questions and links to other sources for additional information.

Hellobee – I’m a regular lurker on their boards and read daily updates by their bloggers, and really enjoy the warm, open-minded, supportive, and non-judgemental vibe.  The site is geared primarily towards those who are TTC, pregnant, and/or parents of young kids (under 3) and is great especially for first-time moms.  They also have great suggestions on baby gear, toys, clothing, and other items, though admittedly many are on the pricier side.  It also has a nice section on “parenting acronyms” for those like me who had no idea what DD/DS/WAHM/etc. stood for 😛

These are my top parenting sites and hope they are useful to others.  What are some other great baby/parenting websites out there?