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Purple & Grey…my new favorite colors?

Based on the current trend in my closet, I think purple and grey have outshined blues and browns as my new go-to colors.  I’ve seen lots of posts about how grey is the new black, which is funny because I painted 2 rooms of my house a beautiful light grey before I picked up on this trend.  It’s pretty true though – grey is a wonderful background and can really help make other colors pop.  In addition, there are so many shades of grey to choose from, as opposed to black.

Some items I’d put on my wishlist include:

reclaimed wool sweater brooch from Etsy seller thejunebride
funky purple belt from Anthropologie
The “Carrie” necklace from Etsy seller erinkeys
Elizabeth & James dress from Shopbop
funky vintage-style candle from Etsy seller Madhatterspottery

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a wonderful and festive Thanksgiving!  We had a joint family lunch yesterday and I seriously think I gained about 5 lbs. from eating nonstop for 6 hours.  There are some terrific cooks in our family, and everyone brought a couple of dishes to complement the turkey and glazed ham…yummm!

gotta have kimchee at every meal in a korean family!
To help burn off some of the food above, I’m comtemplating whether or not to bother trying to do some shopping later today.  Maybe I’ll  make up my mind after I polish off some leftovers.

Fun with the Nikon D90

This past week, I’ve spent my spare time learning as much as possible about the Nikon D90 and the tricks to using an SLR in general.  Currently, just trying to get used to all the different functionalities of the camera is a big learning curve, but the vast improvement in the quality of phots I can take is really gratifying to see!  Some examples are below:

Went to the Montrose farmer’s market and took some pictures of scrumptious produce and pretty flowers:

I love strolling down the flea market section and perusing the housewares displayed:

Our family dogs are my favorite subjects to shoot, and I never get tired of their funny poses that guarantee to crack me up:

my dog Sophie, always looking so serious
gazing pensively off into the distance (or looking maybe scanning the trees for possums to kill)
My sister’s always hilarious dog Bender is full of personality and mischief, as you can see:
Hopefully, my photography skills will continue to improve over the next few months.  I must admit that this camera is so user friendly, especially for SLR beginners like me, that getting some great shots didn’t take a whole lot of effort.  Note that all pics above were taken using the 50mm 1.8f lens – a lens I HIGHLY recommend!

Kids clothes, cameras, parties…yes this is random

So this post is really a bunch of miscellaneous items thrown together…

-Anthro kids
I wrote a previous post about how I wished Anthropologie had kids clothes, and it seems like my wish came true! Originally stumbled across a limited selection of items at the store in Newport Beach when I was down there for work event, but now you can find them on their website and in the latest catalog. Super cute stuff (just super expensive too!)

how adorable is this little apron!
(all photos above from Anthropologie’s website)
-the long-awaited camera

It finally arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I’ve been happily clicking away at the most banal and uninteresting subjects to practice (with the exception of my dog Sophie, who’s been patiently acting as my primary live model).  I’m still trying to figure how to use the darn thing – there’s so much more to SLRs than a regular point-and-shoot – but I’m at least shooting in “P” mode right now, having skipped the Auto functions altogether.  So far, the pictures, even with my nonexistent skills, are looking pretty good!

-party party
Our housewarming a few weeks back was a hit, despite a couple of glitches (namely a few drunk guests and me buying way too much food).  I was so busy with about 40+ guests in our small home at one point that I didn’t have time to take any photos.  With the holidays approaching, I can’t wait to host more soirees, though this time, they’ll definitely be a much smaller and more manageable group.  Hosting duties are fun but can be quite stressful!  I can see why some people call it an art.
Happy weekend!

DIY letterpress? Sweet!

Who doesn’t love letterpress anything?  I’d letterpress napkins, business cards, toilet paper (ok maybe not that far), if the price was right.  My wedding invitations were letterpressed, even though it meant going over budget a little and entailed a ton of work (only because I tried to design them myself and didn’t know what the heck I was doing).

Lifestyle Crafts has debuted a new DIY letterpress machine which actually looks pretty simple to use.  Though you’re currently limited to using their customized printing plates at this time, the range of different projects you can do so far is fairly cool.

Something else to put on my christmas wish list…

Engagement photos – a trip around Los Angeles

Our engagement photo shoot took us all throughout Los Angeles, and lasted almost 9 hours.  I have to hand it to my husband, he was a real trooper throughout the entire process, and our photographer Paul (also a good friend from college), worked tirelessly to capture our personalities in some wonderful moments. 

We drove from the westside to start the morning in Old Town Pasadena…

@ the corner of Fair Oaks & Green
in the alley behind Colorado Blvd
Then moved on to the Gamble House, a beautiful craftsmen-style home that’s now a museum:
the house is more stunning in real life
Next, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed over to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art):
@ the vintage lamppost exhibit
It’s now late afternoon, and monstrous LA traffic is starting to creep into the freeways.  Despite this, we head to our final destination: Manhattan Beach…
@ an old-fashioned ice cream parlor…yummy pistachio ice cream!
we moved over to the beach…
and ended our day as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.
We promptly passed out at 9pm that night.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince the hubby if we can do a grueling photo shoot ever again, so it was worth it!