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Another year, another kid, another long blog-less stretch

Another promise to myself to blog regularly sort of fizzled, and for the second time I blame it on pregnancy and having a baby (#2).  At the beginning of the year I was really motivated to keep this up, and then came horrible morning sickness that made it all but impossible to keep up with anything else except working and taking care of A.  I was hoping my body, having gone through pregnancy already once before, would adapt to the second one without much drama, but alas, that wasn’t the case – the symptoms were much worse, especially the first trimester.  In addition to expecting, we also bought and sold a house, plus hubby started a new (and stressful) job.  Blogging went further and further down on the priority list until now.

Now that A2 (baby) is 2 months old and starting to adapt to a schedule of sorts, I have no excuse to miss posts.  I regret not documenting all the little milestones and exciting moments in life, especially with A1, so with A2 most likely being our last child, I want to remember as much as possible of her infancy.  So here goes (again!)

Apartment Therapy post – harnessing toy clutter

Loving this idea from Apartment Therapy on creative ways to organize toys.  I’m not the handiest person, but this seems like a project that even someone like me can figure out.

Hanging planters on a wall – how ingenious is this???  And the sock monkey chillin in the rocking chair is a super cute touch.  I’m SO gonna try this.

Chocolate chips. Peanut butter. Together in a scrumptious cookie. Someone make me some!

Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Get ready to take peanut butter cookies to a whole new level by adding milk chocolate and peanut butter chips. Peanut butter and chocolate has always been my favorite of all flavor combinations, so I knew these cookies wouldn’t disappoint. These babies are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, just the way a perfect cookie should be. Lately I have been craving peanut butter like nobody’s business and instead of spooning right out of the jar I figured I would make some cookies that I have had my eye on for a while. I am really kicking myself for not making these earlier, they are “hide them from the family” good! I used smooth peanut butter for these cookies, but crunchy peanut butter will work just as well. Do yourself a favor and whip up a batch of these, I promise they won’t last long!

One Year Ago:Pecan and Almond Chocolate Toffee

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baby room inspiration

I discussed my obsession with purple and grey several months ago, and recently stumbled across this really delightful baby’s room on ohdeedoh.  It has a nice, tranquil ambiance about it.  I’ve been looking for ideas on how to repurpose our guest bedroom into a nursery and this example is definitely going to be one of the inspiration rooms.

Love that mural on the wall!

Out with the old, in with the new

I hope everyone had a very joyous and festive Christmas!  Now that the craziness of the holidays are almost over, we have a moment to catch our breaths and reflect on all that’s happened over the past year.  I always  marvel at how quickly each year passes, and as I get older, time seems to go even faster.  Not only is it the end of a year, it’s also the end of the first decade of the new millenium.  I remember thinking on January 1st 2000 that 2010 seemed SO far away, but look…we’re almost there! 

Of course, with the start of a new year come new resolutions.  I’ve never been one to really make new years resolutions (maybe  because I’m terrible at keeping them), but with the start of a new decade, perhaps now’s a good time as any to make and committ to some.  Looking around my house at the myriad of unfinished craft projects, abandoned hobbies, and unkept promises in my head to finish what I’ve started, I think my resolution will be to follow-through on anything that I committ myself to.  First order of business – follow through on finishing this blog post. 


DIY tweed leaves headband

My second DIY post is a headband to complement fall colors and fabric textures.  The material comes from an old tweed skirt I that couldn’t part with since I was so attached to it.  What  better way to keep it a part of my wardrobe than to turn part of it into a headband!  So here we go:

tweed fabric (or any fabric with a similiar texture)
thin headband
glue gun


Step 1: Cut out a piece of fabric for your leaves from a heavier fabric with a nice texture.  I really liked the green tweed of this skirt (will be using it for future projects for sure) and ended up using a piece about 6″x12″.

Step 2:  Cut leaf-shaped pieces from your fabric.  I didn’t bother drawing them on the fabric or anything, just cut free-form shapetoids.  Each were approximately 1.5-2″ in length.  I didn’t want to wrap the entire headband with them, so I only ended up cutting around 15 pieces.
Step 3:  Arrange them by size, and get your trusty headband purchased for under $4.00 for 2 at Forever 21.
Step 5: Start gluing pieces onto the headband.  I started with the largest leaves and worked my way up, overlapping the bottom ends as I made my way around the headband. 
I started on one side of the headband a few inches up, and went around until just past the halfway mark, using smaller leaves as I got toward the end.
Here’s the final result:
The picture quality totally sucks in these photos, which I apologize for.  I’m currently shopping around for a dSLR to replace my old point-and-shoot, which is frustrating to use indoors, to say the least.  I think I’ll try making another one of these headbands, using smaller leaves on my next try!

The cutest baby costumes – KAM party

Through the magic of Facebook and its links to tagged photos of friends, I came across pictures from a group called Korean-American Mommies (KAM) and a Halloween party they held last week, complete with a collection of photobooth pictures that will make anyone’s heart melt.  Seriously, kids costumes have come a long way since my childhood in the 80’s, where we wore plastic devil masks with matching plastic (and probably flammable) outfits, or repurposed old clothes and rags tied to sticks to dress up as hobos. 

Check out Youkeun’s blog for highlights, and his Facebook gallery for the entire set of pics.  My favorites included a baby Hershey kiss, a Super Mario Brothers family, and an unhappy little flower.  What were yours?