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Baby update – Averie Month 6

201301-04 124

Oops, this post is super late given we’re almost at the end of month 7 but now is better than never, I guess…right??

It’s been another hectic month but work has slowed down to a manageable pace a few weeks ago, and I’m so happy to have a chance to recharge and spend more quality time with the family.  I’ve been so focused on work that some key milestones were overlooked which I’m still very sad about.  Plus, Averie is such a mild mannered and quiet little girl that it’s easy for her more boisterous older brother to outshine her, especially when he’s being defiant and throwing major tantrums.  Poor girl…

So onto this month’s highlights:

Sleeping: Averie’s still a great nighttime sleeper and naps are slooowly getting better.  We started seeing some improvements towards the end of month 5; she’s still inconsistent but seems to be trending towards 2-3 naps/day.  Some days the morning naps will be good and afternoon naps bad, while others are the opposite.  She instinctively knows that 6:30pm is time for bed and starts to get really cranky around that time unless we’re out somewhere.  She still averages one middle of the night feeding.  Her wakeup time varies anywhere from 6-7am, which sucks on weekends when I just want to sleep in.

Eating: The rolls are as rolly as ever, though she’s stretching out more so they aren’t as prominent compared to her early months.  We started solids a week before she turned 6 months.   I tried waiting until she officially reached the half year mark but felt bad because I could tell she was developmentally ready and eager to try something other than breastmilk.  How did I know?  Well, every time we’d eat in front of her, she’s crane her head, following our spoons and opening her mouth, with the most eager and curious expression on her face.  I knew then it was time. From the moment she took her first bite, she was was a champ – unlike most babies with their first taste of food, she didn’t dribble food out of her mouth with a quizzical expression on her face.  Every single bite went down.  Hubs and I were amazed,

Playing: Averie still loves her play yard and all the toys attached to the bars.   She rolls from stomach to back constantly and towards the end of the month, started doing tons of baby airplane poses which never ceased to crack me up.  Our routine typically consisted of rotating between play yard, jumperoo, exersaucer, and high chair with lots of cuddle time in between.  I think I’ve carried her a lot more compared to Aaron at this age.

201301-04 133concentrating on activating those stomach muscles!

In retrospect, I wish Month 6 could have lasted longer.  Averie was so much more engaged with us and her surroundings, and I wish I could’ve spent more time with her during this time.  I’ve been mulling over writing a post on being a working mom and the conflicting thoughts I have about continuing to work vs. staying home but I’ve been to chicken to do it.  I think it’s time…