Monthly Archives: June 2010

Photo experimentation

With summer approaching and daylight hours growing longer, I came home from work and played around with taking some pictures as the sun was setting. 

I love the look of shooting into the sun and capturing flare, so I tried replicating it:
(this was the best I could do!)
I’ve been too chicken to venture out of my backyard with my camera for some reason. 
(morning glory growing wild)
Sophie was watching me quizzically during the entire process.  My favorite subject graciously allowed me to capture one nice photo of her before she went to chase some squirrels.

Baby shower from Twig & Thistle

I opened Google Reader today and saw this super cute baby shower idea from Twig & Thistle, one of my favorite stores/blogs. 

The post includes a link to instructions on making the cute banner above, as well as closeup photos of the letterpressed invitations:
Man oh man do I wish I had a lettepress machine!  Though I have no idea how to use it nor is there any space in my house to keep it, but one can always fantasize about it 🙂