Monthly Archives: July 2011

It’s been a LONG time

…since my last post.  Juggling work, family, baby, friends, and miscellaenous other stuff (like trying to maintain a tiny fragment of a social life), really eats away at the time I planned to allocate to updating this blog.  I can’t believe the July’s ending soon – summer is halfway over already (and so is 2011!)

One of my biggest challenges in blogging is re-learning how to write in a open and engaging way, especially given that the bulk of any writing in the last several years has been very cut-and-dry stuff like emails and application review comments.  I hope that this blog will help me develop a stronger writing style which infuses more of my own personality within its contents!

Moving onto another topic, I’ve belatedly started planning A’s first birthday party (called the dohl), which is a pretty significant event in korean culture.  I like to call it “my second wedding,” as it entails just as much planning and stress (many moms say even more).  With the event less than 2 months away and nothing really done, I’ve got a ton of stuff to do.  More details on dohl planning in future posts!