Why hello there…

Hello world.

I’m combining my love for vintage inspired design and goodies geared towards moms and babies in a blog that hopefully reflects my taste and interests. 

After a year spent happily planning a wedding (will post some pics soon), I found myself going through a period of post-wedding-planning blues with an abundant amount of free time on my hands.  As I sat in my new home thinking about the meaning of life and what to cook for dinner, I came across the idea to start documenting some neat baby gear inspired by stuff I love. More on why baby stuff to come soon.

So here’s to yet another blog on the internet…hopefully you’ll find my ramblings interesting and continue to visit regularly.  I’ll do my best updating and posting on a regular basis!


p.s. – came across some cute vintage bird prints at twostraightlines…would make really cute wall decor!

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