DIY tweed leaves headband

My second DIY post is a headband to complement fall colors and fabric textures.  The material comes from an old tweed skirt I that couldn’t part with since I was so attached to it.  What  better way to keep it a part of my wardrobe than to turn part of it into a headband!  So here we go:

tweed fabric (or any fabric with a similiar texture)
thin headband
glue gun


Step 1: Cut out a piece of fabric for your leaves from a heavier fabric with a nice texture.  I really liked the green tweed of this skirt (will be using it for future projects for sure) and ended up using a piece about 6″x12″.

Step 2:  Cut leaf-shaped pieces from your fabric.  I didn’t bother drawing them on the fabric or anything, just cut free-form shapetoids.  Each were approximately 1.5-2″ in length.  I didn’t want to wrap the entire headband with them, so I only ended up cutting around 15 pieces.
Step 3:  Arrange them by size, and get your trusty headband purchased for under $4.00 for 2 at Forever 21.
Step 5: Start gluing pieces onto the headband.  I started with the largest leaves and worked my way up, overlapping the bottom ends as I made my way around the headband. 
I started on one side of the headband a few inches up, and went around until just past the halfway mark, using smaller leaves as I got toward the end.
Here’s the final result:
The picture quality totally sucks in these photos, which I apologize for.  I’m currently shopping around for a dSLR to replace my old point-and-shoot, which is frustrating to use indoors, to say the least.  I think I’ll try making another one of these headbands, using smaller leaves on my next try!

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