Fun with the Nikon D90

This past week, I’ve spent my spare time learning as much as possible about the Nikon D90 and the tricks to using an SLR in general.  Currently, just trying to get used to all the different functionalities of the camera is a big learning curve, but the vast improvement in the quality of phots I can take is really gratifying to see!  Some examples are below:

Went to the Montrose farmer’s market and took some pictures of scrumptious produce and pretty flowers:

I love strolling down the flea market section and perusing the housewares displayed:

Our family dogs are my favorite subjects to shoot, and I never get tired of their funny poses that guarantee to crack me up:

my dog Sophie, always looking so serious
gazing pensively off into the distance (or looking maybe scanning the trees for possums to kill)
My sister’s always hilarious dog Bender is full of personality and mischief, as you can see:
Hopefully, my photography skills will continue to improve over the next few months.  I must admit that this camera is so user friendly, especially for SLR beginners like me, that getting some great shots didn’t take a whole lot of effort.  Note that all pics above were taken using the 50mm 1.8f lens – a lens I HIGHLY recommend!

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