When I lose the baby weight…

I’m gonna go on a huge shopping spree!  Just kidding…we’re going to be so broke by then.  New baby + single income (during my maternity leave) + husband’s b-school tuition equals eating ramen noodles by candlelight at night for the next 3 years.

One of my favorite online shops, Red Dress Shoppe, recently added some cute retro-inspired dresses to their inventory.  I fantasize about fitting into their size small like I used to.  Now, I”ll be happy to squeeze into a large. 

The Holly Dress looks airy and comfortable
The Miss Sadie Dress looks like something out of “Mad Men”
The Lemon Drop dress looks perfect for summer
Love the huge rose belt on the Shoshanna dress
See their entire stock on their website – there’s tons of great retro-inspired clothing at a very reasonable price!  I’m so tempted to buy something right now…to help motivate me to lose weight, of course…haha…

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