Another year, another kid, another long blog-less stretch

Another promise to myself to blog regularly sort of fizzled, and for the second time I blame it on pregnancy and having a baby (#2).  At the beginning of the year I was really motivated to keep this up, and then came horrible morning sickness that made it all but impossible to keep up with anything else except working and taking care of A.  I was hoping my body, having gone through pregnancy already once before, would adapt to the second one without much drama, but alas, that wasn’t the case – the symptoms were much worse, especially the first trimester.  In addition to expecting, we also bought and sold a house, plus hubby started a new (and stressful) job.  Blogging went further and further down on the priority list until now.

Now that A2 (baby) is 2 months old and starting to adapt to a schedule of sorts, I have no excuse to miss posts.  I regret not documenting all the little milestones and exciting moments in life, especially with A1, so with A2 most likely being our last child, I want to remember as much as possible of her infancy.  So here goes (again!)

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