If only Anthropologie had baby stuff…

Because Anthropologie is, hands down, my favorite store in the world.

And what at Anthropologie is my favorite part of the store? The sale section!

Now if I won the lotto, I’d probably buy out the entire LA store, but until my winning numbers pop up, I don’t think I can afford to blow my entire paycheck every month there, no matter how tempted I am to do so. Their sales are actually pretty good, and if you’re like me and lurk around this section on a weekly basis, there’s a good chance you’ll find some great items for 20-50% off.

Too bad Antro doesn’t sell baby/kids clothes or products, because I would so be there.  Their current home decor stuff though, would actually be really cute in a baby room.  In fact, all their store decor would be cute in a baby room.  I hope they don’t mind if I borrow some of their ideas in my own home…

My job entails a lot of travel, so I’m currently in SF, fortunately within walking distance of the store near Union Square. I was pleasantly surprised to find a VERY robust selection of discounted items. Since I was on a time crunch (unfortunately having to work duing a prime shopping Sunday afternoon), I was only able peruse the racks for a few minutes.  But rest assured, I will be back soon.

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