So, you got babies on the mind or what?

So I mentioned that I’ve recently gotten married. Wedding planning was acutally a really fun process for me. Sure, it had its moments of stress and a few (dozen) tears were shed here and there throughout it all, but overall the time I spent researching, negotiating, meeting, and budgeting were happy months. About a year of my life outside of work was devoted to this huge project, and after it was over, I found myself 1) relieved to have everything done but 2) somewhat bored with a lot of free time on my hands. I tried oocupying my time in a variety of ways, from crafting to classes to cooking, but I finally realized that I needed to find another big, long-term project, something I could work on intermittently throughout the day on a consistent basis that might actually be useful to myself and others around me. Naturally, after love and marriage is the baby in the baby carriage…and given my love for all things in miniature form (from food to clothing), I thought, hey why not blog about baby products, especially seeing that a significant number of my friends have babies or are pregnant (some with their 2nd and 3rd on the way!).

So to make a long story short, I guess I do have babies on my mind, and though I’m not knocked up yet, it will most likely happen in the semi-near future, and so I hope this blog will be a great resource for me once my time comes.

You can probably tell I’m a little anal about planning ahead.

In the meantime, I hope to share my findings and thoughts with others who can find this information fun and useful!

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