Living a nomadic existence

My work entails a lot of travel, as I mentioned before.  I was in SF last Saturday, then spent 5 days in Seattle and came back to the bay area last night.  I’ll be here until Tuesday, then heading to Berkeley for an event and finally going back home on Wednesday.

Sleeping in your own bed is something that I haven’t looked forward to since, well, last fall during my travel season. 

When I get home, I promised myself to get started on writing thank-you notes from our wedding in May.  It’s something I’ve put off but I know that I should do them soon. 

I am now going to head out to take advantage of my strategic location in the heart of Union Square to do some shopping.  There’s a Goyard store right next to my hotel and they have some super  nice (but expensive) diaper bags!  Doesn’t quite fit with my usual affordable and vintage-inspired aesthetic, but a girl can at least look, right?

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