Red Dress Shoppe

My love affair with vintage inspired clothing and accessories started when I came across Red Dress Shoppe several years back in Old Town Pasadena.  While looking for street parking on a side street off of Colorado Blvd. (the main thoroughfare in the area), a cozy little clothing store with a whimiscal sign caught my eye.  I can’t quite remember why I was in the area but eventually I ended up in the store and felt an instant connection with everything, from accessories to dresses to tops to skirts (even the wall decor). 

Over the next few years, I frequented the store regularly, as well as their website, and learned about snoods and circle skirts. 

all pictures from Red Dress Shoppe
Unfortunately, the store closed a few years back and now only takes online orders.  BUT, they recently opened a new showroom in Eagle Rock (a few miles southwest of Pasadena) that’s open by appointment only.  The owner, Madeline, is also a new mom and I give her lots of props for maintaining her website and store while juggling mommy duties.
So in the spirit of promoting vintage-inspired fashion and entrepreneurship, I encourage you to check out Red Dress Shoppe.  You’ll love it as much as I do.

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