Home sweet home

I’m finally back from my extended trip along the west coast!  Compared to others I’ve done in the past, this one was a piece of cake, especially since I only had to go to airports 6 times (compared to 12+ on other trips).  What’s all the travel for, you ask?  Well, I work in graduate admissions for a large research institution, and every fall the admissions team travels throughout country and around the world to recruit high-caliber applicants to our program. 

Yawn…so enough about work.  The nice perk to the job is the opportunity to visit lots of different cities and countries, though after several weeks on the road, going home and sleeping in your own bed is something I look forward to more than anything.  In the past, I’ve had opportunities to travel to parts of Europe and South America.  This year, as luck would have it, I’ve done only domestic events.  But that’s totally fine by me…it’s nice to give my passport a break once in a while!

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