Mad for AMC’s Mad Men

One of my favorite shows on TV is AMC’s “Mad Men.”  Every Sunday night at 10pm for the past few months, my husband and I have eagerly watched the drama unfold in Season 3.  Character development throughout the series is very intruiguing, as each person has many layers and facets to his or her past and personality.  Simply put, it’s a superbly addicting show.

I love how much attention to detail is paid on each episode of the show – from the dialogue to hairstyles to clothing to decor, every aspect has been meticulously researched and authentic to life in America in the early 60’s.  Especially delightful are the wardrobes of the leading ladies on the show: Betty Draper, Joan Holloway, and Peggy Olson.  There’s so much inspiration to draw just from the clothes and accessories the women wear on each episode.

Betty Draper

Betty’s like the quintessential 60’s desperate housewife – reluctant suburban housewife bored to death with a lot of anger and resentment pent-up inside.  But her outfits are faaabulous.  I love how easily she transitions between squeaky clean Stepford wife to fashionista.  That last picture reminds me of a blonde version of Audrey Hepburn.
Joan (Holloway) Harris
Um, how hot is Joan?  She channels Marilyn Monroe and Jane Seymour with her curvy figure and sexuality.  The bold colors and confidence she exudes makes her stand out and shows that she’s not someone to mess with.  She’s someone I’d be scared of hahaha. 

Peggy Olson
Peggy’s probably the most boring fashion-wise.  She seems to be somewhat naive and innocent at the start of the show, but her character becomes more worldy and jaded as the show progresses.  This development’s also seen in her wardrobe – it goes from being somewhat old-fashioned to more modern (though she’s definitely the most conservative dressed of the group).  Who knows though – she seems to have a wild streak that she’s holding back, so maybe when the sexual revolution emerges in the late 60’s, she’ll go crazy.
Anyways, I can go on an on about the show, but you get the picture.  Watch the it 10pm on Sunday nights!

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