Semi-DIY: turn a skirt into an apron

I love the idea of crafting and creating cute, functional items. But the reality is, I’m terrible at DIY projects.  Horrible.  Undisciplined.  Impatient.  Easily distracted.

So I’m trying to start off slowly, by doing easy projects that don’t require complicated steps or extensive preparation time.  Have you seen that show “Semi-Homemade” on the Food Network, where the host take something like 75% store-bought items and combines them with 25% fresh ingredients to create something that emulates homemade goodness?  Well, my version of this is “Semi-DIY: Even You Can’t Mess This Up.”  This involves taking already made items, applying a little bit cutting, tearing, gluing, and sewing to create something that you can pretend was entirely handmade.  You can stay quiet on the details and bask in praise from others when you proudly show off your finished product.

My first project was a flower headband made from an old shirt, which turned out okay, actually.  Current project is an apron made from a skirt.  Since this involved a sewing machine, it was more complicated and maddening (especially since I haven’t used one in ages).  It’s still in the works…after more than a week.  I’ll post pictures soon!

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