Welcome Baby Aaron!

After months of waiting and preparing, Aaron arrived on September 30th at 1:45am – just a few hours past his expected due date! 

He’s so precious.  Ever since we first laid eyes on him at the hospital, we’ve been amazed and delighted by everything he does. 

I have to admit, the first few weeks having him home were EXTREMELY tough.  No matter how much one can prepare for parenthood, there’s nothing that you can do to know exactly how challenging it is, especially for a first time mom like me.  From breastfeeding to sleep deprivation to baby blues, every day was a challenge.  However, now that he’s 3 weeks old, life has gotten a bit easier.  We sort of know what we’re doing, and we’ve also been fortunate to have help from family members a few days a week. 

Even though he’s not even a month old yet, Aaron’s already changed a lot.  Initially, all he did was eat, sleep and poop, with occasional crying throughout the day.  Now, he’s more alert during the day and he’s sleeping a little longer at night.  Born a small baby – 6lbs 3 oz – he’s been gaining weight at a steady pace, which makes sense given the amount of breastmilk he takes everyday.  I think he’s close to 7 lbs. by now!

Despite the fact that life as I know is forever changed with the addition of a baby, I’m looking forward to what lays ahead with Aaron and our new threesome family.  Now, it’s time for a nap!

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