1 month update

It’s been over a month since Aaron was born.  The time went both slowly and quickly.  Slowly during those early days coping with sleep deprivation and learning the hard way all the tricks of becoming a new parent.  Quickly because, well, it’s already been a month and I can see so much growth already.  Some milestones over the past 4 weeks include:

week 1: breastfeeding – it was painful for both of us.  He developed nipple confusion from taking some glucose water and formula from a bottle, so our first night home included an epic fight to get him to latch onto the breast.  For the next few weeks, I dealt with sore, blistered nipples 😦

week 2:  sleeping – sleep deprivation started to wear on me at this point.  Fortunately, Aaron started to sleep better through the night, and he took regular daytime naps.

week 3:  stir-crazy – baby blues combined with being confined indoors started to drive me crazy.  I didn’t think that it would affect me that much since I normally don’t get very moody and my emotions were pretty level during pregnancy, but it’s so crazy how hormones can affect a woman on such a level! 

week 4:  sleeping again – somehow, Aaron’s developed an attachment to being held.  Late this week, it’s gotten to the point where he won’t nap unless he’s held during the day.  Strangely, he still sleeps perfectly well during the night in his crib.  What to do?

Now we’re in week 5, and aside from the daytime napping issues, he’s great – eating, pooping, and growing like crazy. 

Here’s a picture of Aaron from his first Halloween, dressed as a bee!

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