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Kids clothes, cameras, parties…yes this is random

So this post is really a bunch of miscellaneous items thrown together…

-Anthro kids
I wrote a previous post about how I wished Anthropologie had kids clothes, and it seems like my wish came true! Originally stumbled across a limited selection of items at the store in Newport Beach when I was down there for work event, but now you can find them on their website and in the latest catalog. Super cute stuff (just super expensive too!)

how adorable is this little apron!
(all photos above from Anthropologie’s website)
-the long-awaited camera

It finally arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I’ve been happily clicking away at the most banal and uninteresting subjects to practice (with the exception of my dog Sophie, who’s been patiently acting as my primary live model).  I’m still trying to figure how to use the darn thing – there’s so much more to SLRs than a regular point-and-shoot – but I’m at least shooting in “P” mode right now, having skipped the Auto functions altogether.  So far, the pictures, even with my nonexistent skills, are looking pretty good!

-party party
Our housewarming a few weeks back was a hit, despite a couple of glitches (namely a few drunk guests and me buying way too much food).  I was so busy with about 40+ guests in our small home at one point that I didn’t have time to take any photos.  With the holidays approaching, I can’t wait to host more soirees, though this time, they’ll definitely be a much smaller and more manageable group.  Hosting duties are fun but can be quite stressful!  I can see why some people call it an art.
Happy weekend!

DIY letterpress? Sweet!

Who doesn’t love letterpress anything?  I’d letterpress napkins, business cards, toilet paper (ok maybe not that far), if the price was right.  My wedding invitations were letterpressed, even though it meant going over budget a little and entailed a ton of work (only because I tried to design them myself and didn’t know what the heck I was doing).

Lifestyle Crafts has debuted a new DIY letterpress machine which actually looks pretty simple to use.  Though you’re currently limited to using their customized printing plates at this time, the range of different projects you can do so far is fairly cool.

Something else to put on my christmas wish list…

My first dSLR!

I’m SO excited.  Our faithful Canon Powershot broke on Halloween, which finally gave me an excuse to retire it and purchase a new camera.  Since I’ve been coveting an SLR after seeing too many amazing photos from other bloggers, I promptly started my research on different cameras.  With so many choices out on the market, I quickly became a bit overwhelmed.  For an indecisive person, too many options can actually be a bad thing.  I rethought my strategy and began going through a more systematic process:

1.  Entry level, prosumer, or professional?  Immediately ruled out the professional models, which had a ton of features that I probably wouldn’t use.  Plus they’re super expensive!

2.  Price point?  Somewhere in the under $1000 range. 

3.  Brand?  Based on tons of reviews and my own experience with point-and-shoot digital cameras, I knew I wanted either a Nikon or Canon.  I’ve owned many Canon cameras (both film and digital) so my initial loyalty leaned that way, but Nikon SLRs have an esteemed reputation.  I was torn until…

4.  Lenses?  I had no clue as to how to choose these.  However, I learned that a good lens can be even more important than the camera body. A good lens consistently delivers quality photos and can be used for many years, even as you upgrade or change the camera body (assuming  you stay with the same brand, I think).  Nikon lenses have an awesome reputation for sharpness, color, clarity, and all-around reliability.  Ok, now I’m sold.

5.  Where to buy?  Fortunately, my brother-in-law happened to purchase a dSLR a few months back.  He sent me a great spreadsheet organized with information on cameras and accessories with their prices broken down by online stores.  I initially planned to purchase everything from Amazon, but ended up with a better deal at Buydig

After this exhausting but fruitful search, I chose (drumroll)….

The Nikon D90!  It comes with an 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens, which I learned was a fairly good all-around lens for everyday photos and portraits. 
However, I was also told that a 50mm lens takes the coolest, funnest photos, so I bought this too:
Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras  – only $124 on Amazon!
Orders have been placed, and now I have to wait 5-9 business days to start playing with them. 
Did I mention I’m SO excited?

Back to my happy place

Where’s that, you ask? Depends on my current mood, but the place I usually find something to cheer me up is Etsy. I’m constantly amazed by how many creative souls are out there and I’m happy to support entrepreneurs and independent artisans as much as possible. I have many of them to thank for various items purchased for my May wedding.

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and here are some special finds that would be great for the holiday season:

Happy Friday!

Mad for AMC’s Mad Men

One of my favorite shows on TV is AMC’s “Mad Men.”  Every Sunday night at 10pm for the past few months, my husband and I have eagerly watched the drama unfold in Season 3.  Character development throughout the series is very intruiguing, as each person has many layers and facets to his or her past and personality.  Simply put, it’s a superbly addicting show.

I love how much attention to detail is paid on each episode of the show – from the dialogue to hairstyles to clothing to decor, every aspect has been meticulously researched and authentic to life in America in the early 60’s.  Especially delightful are the wardrobes of the leading ladies on the show: Betty Draper, Joan Holloway, and Peggy Olson.  There’s so much inspiration to draw just from the clothes and accessories the women wear on each episode.

Betty Draper

Betty’s like the quintessential 60’s desperate housewife – reluctant suburban housewife bored to death with a lot of anger and resentment pent-up inside.  But her outfits are faaabulous.  I love how easily she transitions between squeaky clean Stepford wife to fashionista.  That last picture reminds me of a blonde version of Audrey Hepburn.
Joan (Holloway) Harris
Um, how hot is Joan?  She channels Marilyn Monroe and Jane Seymour with her curvy figure and sexuality.  The bold colors and confidence she exudes makes her stand out and shows that she’s not someone to mess with.  She’s someone I’d be scared of hahaha. 

Peggy Olson
Peggy’s probably the most boring fashion-wise.  She seems to be somewhat naive and innocent at the start of the show, but her character becomes more worldy and jaded as the show progresses.  This development’s also seen in her wardrobe – it goes from being somewhat old-fashioned to more modern (though she’s definitely the most conservative dressed of the group).  Who knows though – she seems to have a wild streak that she’s holding back, so maybe when the sexual revolution emerges in the late 60’s, she’ll go crazy.
Anyways, I can go on an on about the show, but you get the picture.  Watch the it 10pm on Sunday nights!

Janie and Jack in a new light

I remember seeing this store, Janie and Jack, in the mall since high school, but didn’t really know (or care) what they sold, since nothing inside seemed to fit my aesthetic (or size). 

Fast forward about 10 years, when my friends and colleagues around me were starting to get married and have children.  When the wave of baby showers and birthday parties started rolling in, J&J started to catch my eye.  At the present, I admit that I am enamoured by the cutest morsels of clothes and accessories that I find here.  Even when I’m not on the hunt for a gift, I sometimes still go inside to peruse their latest kiddie styles and wares and take a moment to search their sale rack, just in case there’s something too adorable to pass up…

They’re currently running a nice little sale both in stores and online.  I’m getting a kick out of the names they give to each of their different lines of clothing (Parisian Park, Soda Fountain, Santorini Island…makes me want to set off on an impulsive trip to Europe):

All pictures from Janie and Jack website’s sale section.  Prices are very reasonable and though many styles are from the summer, some (like the ones above) are still very appropriate for fall!

Pretty pillowcases – Peacock Alley

One Kings Lane is an online sales site, simliar to Gilt and Haute Look, but specfically focused on home goods.  They have some pretty awesome sales – I’ve seen great finds from Vera Wang and Kate Spade (which sell out quick), but they also have other well-known and established brands in the design world.  Most of these items would be out of my reach financially, but through online sample sales, I’m able to find items that fit my budget…hooray!

Take for example, these beautiful pillows from Peacock Alley:

all images courtesy of One Kings Lane
They’d actually be quite lovely in a baby room on a rocking chair or small sofa, as an alternative to a regular bed. 
If you’d like to become a member of One Kings Lane, let me know and I’ll be happy to forward an invitation email to you!