Janie and Jack in a new light

I remember seeing this store, Janie and Jack, in the mall since high school, but didn’t really know (or care) what they sold, since nothing inside seemed to fit my aesthetic (or size). 

Fast forward about 10 years, when my friends and colleagues around me were starting to get married and have children.  When the wave of baby showers and birthday parties started rolling in, J&J started to catch my eye.  At the present, I admit that I am enamoured by the cutest morsels of clothes and accessories that I find here.  Even when I’m not on the hunt for a gift, I sometimes still go inside to peruse their latest kiddie styles and wares and take a moment to search their sale rack, just in case there’s something too adorable to pass up…

They’re currently running a nice little sale both in stores and online.  I’m getting a kick out of the names they give to each of their different lines of clothing (Parisian Park, Soda Fountain, Santorini Island…makes me want to set off on an impulsive trip to Europe):

All pictures from Janie and Jack website’s sale section.  Prices are very reasonable and though many styles are from the summer, some (like the ones above) are still very appropriate for fall!

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