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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

Zulily recently ran a deal for 1/2 off a one-month subscription to The Honest Company, which is an eco-friendly company that delivers diapers, wipes, skin products, and/or household cleaning items to your door on a monthly basis.  The company is co-founded by Jessica Alba and is committed to creating quality, environmentally-friendly, and nicely designed products that average folks can actually afford.

I was curious to learn more about the concept, so checked out their website where I found you can sign up for a free trial.  You fill out a simple questionnaire and at the end select which bundle you want to try:

I chose the Diapers Bundle since I go through diapers/wipes way more frequently than I do skincare/household cleaning products.  The designs look pretty cute on their website, although I was never interested in swaddling my kid’s butt in the most fashionable prints.  Quite frankly, I’m a big fan of Jessica Alba so that’s the main reason I’m giving this product a try 🙂  Seriously, the power of a celebrity endorsement is nothing to laugh at…

Has anyone tried Honest products?  Are there other similar products out there that are just as good, or better?

My little man turns ONE

The little man had his milestone 1st birthday last month, and seeing what a blast he had (despite his initial shyness with a crowd of people he didn’t know) was worth all the time, energy and occasional bouts of stress that went into the planning.  I’m still waiting for pictures from the big day but I do have one from the dohljabi that never fails to put a smile on my face when I see it:

No pressue buddy…this only determines the course for the rest of your life.

1st birthday party inspiration ideas

It’s almost little guy’s first birthday…I still can’t and won’t believe he’s growing up SO fast.  I remember last year at this time I had just started maternity leave and was pretty bored out of my mind for the first week or so.  In order to take my mind off of feeling swollen and heavy, I perused 1st birthday ideas for fun (did you know I like to plan ahead?).

Korean tradition makes a big deal out of the first birthday (or dohl) as its original intent was to celebrate an infant’s survival back in the time of high mortality rates.  Over the years, especially with the rise of the internet and photography blogs, people have been one-upping each other to put together an even bigger, highly styled, more whimsical bash.  I won’t even try to keep up given my already crazy life, so I’m trying to keep things simple and easy. 

So for those curious to know what a dohl celebration is like, I thought pictures could explain this better than any words can 🙂

From uncleowly – an example of a traditional dohl table. 

from – one that combines tradition with a modern flair.

From – whimiscal princess theme

from – simple and elegant

 It’s been difficult narrowing down the design elements from so many insipirational blogs and photos online, but I think I’ve put together something simple and fun at the end.  Pictures to follow after this weekend’s festivities!

2 month update

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions was to be more consistent at writing blogs.  I’ve failed somewhat miserably at this.  Though I tried justifiying this because of the pregnancy and being a first-time mom, they aren’t the best excuses because I see lots of pregnant and/or FTMs that somehow find the time to update their blogs.  These women must either have clones of themselves or not sleep more than 2 hours a day. 

Every year around this time, I say the same thing – “I can’t believe the year’s almost over!”  What’s really scary is that time seems to go faster on a daily basis.  I clearly remember writing my first blog post  back in September 2009 while traveling for recruiting trips, and now it’s already been over a year since then.  Ever seen the episode of “Twilight Zone” where a man finds a stopwatch that stops time?  I need one of those.

November has flown by and Aaron’s grown tremendously.  He’s almost double his birthweight – currently at 10 lbs. 11 oz.  Granted, he was a tiny baby…but still!  I’m a little sad that he’s no longer the wee little newborn swimming in his baby clothes.  My eyes got a little watery as I put away some of the clothes that no longer fit him because he’s outgrown them. 

I’m returing to work in less than 2 weeks, and each day my heart aches a little more thinking about it.  The first few weeks of motherhood, I was itching to get back to my old life and return to work, craving that sense of normalcy and the “good old days” because I was so tired and overwhelmed.  I missed the silence of our house pre-baby, and the prospect of a solid 8 (or more) hours of sleep after a long day of work.  How things have changed…how I’ve changed!  I don’t mind getting up at 3AM to the sounds of Aaron’s cries for food.  Squeezing in a shower during naptime and wearing the same spit-up stained clothes for days on end isn’t so bad either.  Hanging out at home amusing Aaron with faces and babytalk isn’t boring – the smiles they bring forth are worth it. 

I’ve always feared that I was born without a maternal bone in my body, and the first month of motherhood almost made me feel like this was confirmed.  It took a while to bond with little Aaron, and now I can’t imagine life without him.  Gladly, I give up sleeping in, drinking alcohol, and my overall independence for him.  Being a mother is the hardest thing I’ve done, but the rewards are totally worth it!

1 month update

It’s been over a month since Aaron was born.  The time went both slowly and quickly.  Slowly during those early days coping with sleep deprivation and learning the hard way all the tricks of becoming a new parent.  Quickly because, well, it’s already been a month and I can see so much growth already.  Some milestones over the past 4 weeks include:

week 1: breastfeeding – it was painful for both of us.  He developed nipple confusion from taking some glucose water and formula from a bottle, so our first night home included an epic fight to get him to latch onto the breast.  For the next few weeks, I dealt with sore, blistered nipples 😦

week 2:  sleeping – sleep deprivation started to wear on me at this point.  Fortunately, Aaron started to sleep better through the night, and he took regular daytime naps.

week 3:  stir-crazy – baby blues combined with being confined indoors started to drive me crazy.  I didn’t think that it would affect me that much since I normally don’t get very moody and my emotions were pretty level during pregnancy, but it’s so crazy how hormones can affect a woman on such a level! 

week 4:  sleeping again – somehow, Aaron’s developed an attachment to being held.  Late this week, it’s gotten to the point where he won’t nap unless he’s held during the day.  Strangely, he still sleeps perfectly well during the night in his crib.  What to do?

Now we’re in week 5, and aside from the daytime napping issues, he’s great – eating, pooping, and growing like crazy. 

Here’s a picture of Aaron from his first Halloween, dressed as a bee!

Welcome Baby Aaron!

After months of waiting and preparing, Aaron arrived on September 30th at 1:45am – just a few hours past his expected due date! 

He’s so precious.  Ever since we first laid eyes on him at the hospital, we’ve been amazed and delighted by everything he does. 

I have to admit, the first few weeks having him home were EXTREMELY tough.  No matter how much one can prepare for parenthood, there’s nothing that you can do to know exactly how challenging it is, especially for a first time mom like me.  From breastfeeding to sleep deprivation to baby blues, every day was a challenge.  However, now that he’s 3 weeks old, life has gotten a bit easier.  We sort of know what we’re doing, and we’ve also been fortunate to have help from family members a few days a week. 

Even though he’s not even a month old yet, Aaron’s already changed a lot.  Initially, all he did was eat, sleep and poop, with occasional crying throughout the day.  Now, he’s more alert during the day and he’s sleeping a little longer at night.  Born a small baby – 6lbs 3 oz – he’s been gaining weight at a steady pace, which makes sense given the amount of breastmilk he takes everyday.  I think he’s close to 7 lbs. by now!

Despite the fact that life as I know is forever changed with the addition of a baby, I’m looking forward to what lays ahead with Aaron and our new threesome family.  Now, it’s time for a nap!

My Retro Baby plus giveaway from Design Mom

Design Mom is giving away a $250 gift certificate to My Retro Baby, a really cute website with all things retro for your little one!  They have all sorts of stuff, from baby clothes to shower favors, all with a vintage twist.  The website itself is adorable too, so check it out!

The most awesome items are the retro pedal cars – check out a few:

The deluxe fire truck classic pedal car.  Look at all that detail!

Pink Princess pedal car.  Totally cute!

Baby gear basics

We just found out that a baby boy is on the way and now we can start doing the fun stuff – shopping!

Actually, it’s a bit overwhelming.  I didn’t realize how much stuff a little infant needs, especially after reading blogs and baby books.  Plus, there are so many choices out there for car seats, strollers, cribs, clothes, bottles, diapers…my head’s spinning already. 

I came across this article today narrowing down baby items to the five essentials that a parent only needs.  According to the author, parents really only NEED the following:
-car seat
-bouncy seat (more of a maybe)
-baby bottles

Of course, obvious items like diapers and baby clothes weren’t included.  Unfortunately, the first three items are probably the ones that’ll cost the most amount of money, especially if you go for top-of-the-line items.  And realistically speaking, who can’t resist buying teeny little baby clothes and cute baby room decor, no matter how impractical or expensive they may be?  I should’ve stopped spending money a year ago to save for our expensive little one.